Why SEO is Still Relevant

Establishing an online brand is not easy! If you fail to maintain your established position, or fail to move up in the rankings, that brand becomes even more difficult to protect. Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, takes a great website (visually appealing, contemporary in design, focused on conversion, etc.) and tells the search engines why to include it as part of their results. The bottom line is simple…why have a website if people can’t find it? Here are three reasons why SEO is still relevant today and will likely be so for many years to come.

It’s Easier to be Found!

Have you ever discovered a great restaurant that’s been around for years, but you’ve only recently stumbled upon it? You wonder to yourself how you’d never been there before! They obviously weren’t easy to find. Someone out there is looking for a business just like yours, they just need to find it! The most expensive website imaginable will never be seen by potential customers without the little things SEO provides. For Google and other search engines to find you, your site needs to be “optimized” to include what they want to see. By being in sync, your website you will allow people to find you. SEO simply puts the elements in play that allow you to be discovered more often.

Your Company Looks Huge!

When you begin to turn up in search results for multiple keywords and phrases, you further establish your brand. You begin to look like a big player in your industry. With proper content, your business can become a “thought leader” in your marketplace. That means when people need information on a topic, they turn to you! That can’t be a bad thing! An article on Entrepreneur.com written by Nate Birt talked pointed out one way to become a thought leader, “Identify core components of your mission and seek to build public-facing expertise.” Before your customers even make contact with you, they believe that you are an authority on the service or product you provide. By effectively using organic SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) you can make your company look like a Fortune 500 company in your city or town.

Lasting Advertising!

SEO and PPC, when combined correctly, can provide long-term effects that will last your company for years to come. When your business has established an online presence that’s easy to find and makes you look like an authority on the subject, you can then focus on doing what you do best…. turning prospects into clients! And that is what ensures long-term success.

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