We Are Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance

It’s time for some introductions

We are pretty excited here at Pith because so many new things are going on!

In the last few weeks alone we have revamped the interior space of our office in the historic Bows & Arrows building in downtown Boise, brought on a few new employees and interns, signed some awesome new clients, as well as launched a new website! Our new site has a pretty cool new blog section that we call e(PITH)anies, where we focus on three different areas; Culture, Business, and Social Media. This is the culture section, where Pith will blog about how we work, what we do in the office, and how we operate within the city of Boise and everyone in the office.

Since it is customary to make introductions when first meeting new people, we would like to start by introducing ourselves and giving a little background on the crew here at Pith.

Pith’s owner, our fearless leader, and the creative director, Sean McDonald is a man of many hats, size 7 & 3/4 to be exact… When Sean isn’t in a meeting or cruising around the city in his Mini Cooper (Nigel), he is hard at work at his computer as the master of the 2nd floor, ensuring that the greatest of details are given to each of the projects that find their way across his massive computer screen. Its not out of the ordinary to hear Mumford & Sons playing from his speakers or coming from the headphones at his desk. Also surely to be found within arms reach is a coffee cup, or two, containing hot espresso and Italian sweet cream. Hey, we all have our vices, and coffee is one that he won’t soon be giving up! When all the work is done and its time for a break, Sean can be found spending time with his wife and kids or out cycling enjoying the city.

Chris Behrens is Pith’s Brand Strategy & Business Development Director. Chris is a University of Idaho graduate with a degree in advertising and a minor in communications, along with numerous other areas of study such as psychology and media law. He is also a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Recently moved back from the Denver Colorado area, Chris is happy to be back near friends and family. Chris’ computer is always playing music as well… depending on the day, weather, and project he is working on, Mike Posner, Counting Crows, John Legend, Amy Winehouse, and Diane Krall can all be heard coming from his fluorescent oversize tank headphones. Never too far away is an energy drink or a coffee. When its time to unwind and detox, Chris can be found in north Idaho enjoying the lake, wakesurfing and skiing, a glass of wine, and spending time with his family and dogs. Chris has an east coast nautical style… white jeans, boat shoes, sweaters and pastel shorts.

Stephen Barrett is a self-taught code guru. With his Asian skills and musical talent on the trombone, he uses his design and code skills to create “note” worthy websites and applications. Recent graduate from Boise State with a BFA in Graphic Design, Stephen has worked closely with HTML code and design work in the past two years creating user-friendly applications for Boise State Students. Stephen is a member of AIGA and a proud member of Kappa Kappa Psi – National Honorary Band Service Fraternity (Music for life!). Stephen lives in Boise, Idaho with his parents (and hoping to move out again to live on his own).

Morgan Wolf is Pith’s newest intern. She contributes heavily to messaging and creative/copy writing as well as adding in her ideas during branding and marketing sessions. Her contagious laugh can be heard all throughout the office! Morgan graduated February 7th of this year from Full Sail University, with a BA of Graphic Design. She has had a love for drawing, painting and design since she can remember. If not at work, she is generally at home creating something new and working on another art project. She loves coffee, tea, scarves, cats, crafts, and good conversation. Her music is usually a really ambient indie band or electronic dance music but she isn’t too picky between the two. Morgan enjoys running and mountain biking on her days off, and reading and writing when the weather isn’t so accommodating. She can typically be found wearing skinny jeans, sandals, and some shirt or sweater I found at the thrift store. She has that city chic style. Her goals for the future include designing some great pieces with Pith and spending time with my friends and family here in Boise.

Who’s up for some coffee!

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