Three Weeks in Review

The last three weeks have been quite the ride! Not only have we been busy in the office, but we have been busy outside as well. Over the last several weeks we have had the privilege to attended some awesome events! Among them, the 2013 ROCKIES – Venetian Masquerade Ball, Fusion Magazine’s first fashion show, and this years Graeber & Company Masquerade Ball. Attending events like this in Boise, reminds us just how special it is here. The most evident, is the talent. We have a growing culture, and events like these showcase the talent that sometimes goes unnoticed.

The 2013 Rockie Awards were held at the Linen Building this year, featuring some stand out advertising and marketing companies in the area. Pith showed up with bells on… quite literally. Our team was dressed to the nines and, of course, wearing some pretty cool masquerade masks! Pith’s CEO, Sean, dusted off his kilt and donned it at the awards. Its pretty hard to stand out when the room is full of some of the greatest creative minds the valley has to offer, so the masquerade theme was a nice touch. If the masks weren’t entertaining enough, the banter from guys at Mitchell Palmer sure was. We were lucky enough to be accompanied by Fusion’s “Dynamic Duo”, Brian Shields (CEO), and Jessica Doherty (Editor). A great time was had by all. Keep an eye out for as being featured at the event next year!

Fusion Magazine’s fashion show was filled with beautiful people, excellent designers, and top-notch performers. Boise is on the up and up, and Fusion is showcasing the talent. We are pleased to be partnered with Fusion, and we were excited to launch their new website the same night. If you want an in-depth look at what went on, jump on over to the new site and check out the pictures.

Graeber & Company’s masquerade ball was definitely a fun night! Our Brand & Business Director, Chris was in attendance at this event with a few friends in tow. “The food was beyond awesome and the presentation of it all was on-point; everyone was in awesome masks and some very cool outfits. There was a DJ spinning some great music and the turn out was beyond what was expected!”

Pith would like to welcome a few new clients to the fold! Its been a busy week and we are happy to have Chris back from his vacation/work trip up to North Idaho, and we are awaiting the return of our Creative Agent, Zach, back from Napa Valley where he is attending the Bottle Rock Festival, networking like crazy, and tasting some phenomenal wines. We would like to welcome TIATO (Jason Kovac’s; Tom Grainey’s, Silly Birch, The Lift, and Sammy’s, as well as Revolution Vodka to the list of our amazing clients. Its going to be a busy next few weeks!


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