The First Step’s a Doozy!

reefstairsAlright, it’s no secret that Pith absolutely loves The Reef restaurant in Downtown Boise; we tweet, facebook and blog about them constantly because, well, they are amazing! HOWEVER… the stairs leading up to the restaurant and bar are THE worst. The rise over run (the height and depth) of the stairs are totally abnormal and force you to take quick little half steps. Its not totally a bad thing because, never fail, you feel the calf burn every time you walk up or down them, but you always feel like you aren’t accomplishing much as you walk each stair and constantly feel like you are going to fall forward.

I make comment to it every time (weekly) that we go in for ‘Taco Wednesday’ and it was time to put it into writing!

Don’t worry Reef, we still love you and remain loyal! See you soon!

Take a look at the YouTube video below for funny videos of people falling down stairs! (Of course, its only funny when it happens to someone else…)

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