Marketing Sews the Seams

There are a lot of analogies regarding today’s business environment like “silo” or “seamed” meaning that there are very distinct dividing lines between departments in a company. For example, the sales team does sales, IT works in IT and so on, but each department works for the greater company. What is the common thread between ALL departments? Marketing. It is what brings all the departments together and really embodies the message, look, feel and culture of a company. What a good marketing department does includes the communication and commonalities between the departments.

I had a boss once that always said, “All of that is just the marketing bullshit.” A company today needs to be a little more holistic in their approach. True, the “marketing bullshit” means how a product is described while the engineers and manufacturing MAKE the product, but how it is presented is marketing. The logo of the company – that’s marketing. The social media – that’s marketing. But what it can all do is showcase the company in a way that makes you approachable, meaningful and compelling to your customers. Marketing crosses all departments to cohesively pull a company from simply being a product maker or a service group to being that: a company.

Marketing and the communicating of your brand is the glue that works to keep all the divisions working as a company to some degree. How is your company or service presented? Solid experience in making what you do meaningful, looking good, staying relevant and communicating what you do concisely is marketing’s job. Plus, working to departmentally create a plan going forward to show the outside and internal stakeholders what you do and why is marketing’s job.

So, what is marketing? It’s putting the fabric of a company together and sewing it into something sharp that fits well and makes your company presentable.

Article written by Todd Walton

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