Is Your Business Ready for a Re-Branding?

You’ve spent countless hours cultivating your brand and it’s perfect! Or at least you think it is. It’s well known in your community. You’re proud of what your brand says about you and your company. When is the right time to consider re-branding? Why would you even consider this? Great questions indeed! The same questions we asked ourselves at Pith Works. We were very proud of what our brand meant and how it represented us as a culture and as a company. But, to remain relevant in an ever-changing landscape, we decided to move forward and update our brand.

The new look is obvious when you visit our recently redesigned website. Our goal is to streamline our services and make Pith Works’ focus more obvious to existing and prospective clients alike. After many hours of deliberation, along with gallons of coffee and more than a few sleepless nights, the decision was made. Our new brand focuses on branding, marketing, and web. Like many companies, we found ourselves trying to be “everything to everyone”. We realized that we would rather be exceptional in a few areas instead of being good in many. We are now able provide a much better service to our customer by focusing on our designated core services.

Many companies have gone through similar journeys in the past. Some successfully and others not so much. For every success story like Apple, you’ll see a failed attempt like JCPenney’s near disaster. What we share with these companies is the desire to make Pith Works better than we ever thought it could be. By staying the course, we would never know what “could have been”. We decided it was time to make a change and roll the dice with our re-branding. This was not done haphazardly. Our team has done the research and is confident that will help us achieve our long-term goals.

It may not be today, but someday in the future, your company will likely need to consider re-branding. When that time comes, do your research, hire some help, and move forward with confidence!

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