Inflatable Elephants | BAM

This past Saturday night, I had the opportunity to witness a stunning collaboration of lights, sound and imagery.  James Orr’s HERD event was a limited seating experience that took place at the Boise Art Museum, with proceeds going to further the BAM’s education programs. In Southeast Asia, white elephants are a prestigious gift, and they were an equal gift to see here in Boise.

The elephants were life-sized, looming over the audience and peering curiously over the back of our chairs as the attendees faced the stage. The bright white beasts reflected the daylight from the windows; so much they appeared ghostly in comparison to the opaque and moving people. Each of the three were alight with various colors that changed as the night went on, more noticeable as the sky grew darker. Beer and wine were available to the right of the stage, and many people partook in these before the music started and were able to witness other pieces on display in the museum. Joseph Lyle started the set with finger style acoustics and ambient vocals, with influences such as Glen Hansard, Michael Hedges, and Sigur Ros. James Orr was up next, pulling a phenomenal one-man-band performance as he looped each instrument individually, while also looping in his violinist. Overhead, music videos and eclectic displays projected on the wall and transfixed the audience. Both musicians were such genuine people on and offstage, and the visuals made the thought behind each song that much more impactful.  It was an event that I would attend again, and I highly recommend seeing the quiet and magnificent creatures by Billie Grace Lynn sometime at the BAM before the herd moves on May 19th.


-Morgan Wolf
Designer & Illustrator, Pith Works










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