I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Pith is proud of our clients and affiliates… so much so that we like to boast and brag about them!!


One of our newest affiliates and friends, is Cold Stone Creamery and its owners, Lisa and Don Howell. Pith’s branding director, Chris, has known Lisa and Don for about six years now and was happy to find that they had purchased Cold Stone.

“These two individuals have a lot of energy when it comes to new endeavors and the right mindset and drive to have their business thrive,” says Chris.

“I remember being young and always wanting to go to Cold Stone because you could make exactly what you wanted and weren’t stuck with just the plain old scoops; it reminded me of an old fashioned ice cream shop like I saw on TV shows as a kid”, adds Chris. “It gives it a very unique feel and experience that can’t be beat at some soft serve place.”

Pith is very excited to be working with Cold Stone in any capacity possible! Their Eagle, ID location (664 S. Rivershore Ln, Suite 160, 208-938-6231) is in a great spot near some awesome restaurants, hotels, business parks, and schools… so it will do great!

Be sure to stop in to Cold Stone for a scoop or three and some awesome toppings… and if you aren’t wanting scoops and toppings, they have amazing cakes, shakes, and smoothies as well!!


Click here to learn more about Cold Stone





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