How Google is redefining Search… Again

In a not so shocking announcement, Google has decided to redefine search… Again. Google has released a new factor to their search engine, and how you rank. Basically it boils down to mobile usage. If your site is not up to what Google considers “relevant” then you lose the SEO game. But not all is lost. In order to continue to play the Relevancy game that Google is playing at, you have to be able to compete.  A lot of sites are going to feel the affect of this decision. A big deciding factor is whether or not your website is Responsive. Basically, responsive means that your site is able to rescale itself to be easily viewed on a desktop/laptop, a tablet or a phone. Responsive sites have been kind of a big deal since about 2008 and really has caught a lot of steam since then. But now Google has decided that this is the new standard that must be followed to stay competitive in today’s ever changing SEO field. So where does that leave Search engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization in the “traditional” sense is not dead. It simply means that there is more that you have to take into consideration when you are working on your SEO and more that your Search Engine Optimization specialist has to know when working with your sites SEO. But where does this leave Bing, Yahoo, and other lesser known search engines? Bing and Yahoo follow in the footsteps of Google fairly closely. Yahoo uses the same database and gives you the same results of Bing. While Bing may profess a smarter search engine, under the hood both are fairly close to Google. There are a few more little tweaks that have to be made to really optimize for a mobile platform, however ensuring that you have a responsive website is the best way to be able to stay competitive in today’s SEO landscape.

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