Foothills & Fashion | by Isla Brazzil

Foothills & Fashion by Isla Brazzil


In a city known for its great outdoor playground rather than runways, things are slowly but surely beginning to change.  The fashion driven few of the treasure valley stand out on street corners among the outdoorsy, comfortable, and casual crowds.

“Over the last five to ten years, Boise has evolved from Abercrombie & Affliction styles to a more urban individual style where people are expressing their true self rather than following trends that die out in a matter of years, or months,” Christopher Bailey said.

Bailey owns Flawless Threads, an apparel brand influenced by the outdoors, but said he notices the trends beyond the outdoor scene within the higher fashion culture.

“From here, the addition of modern retailers and urban meeting places means Boise is moving in the right direction. The treasure valley has the right ingredients to create a foot print through inspiration of youth and culture,” Bailey said.

The more Boise grows, the more dynamic and busy the arts scene has become. The North End is not the only place in Boise known for their inner hippie anymore. Skinny jeans, fringe bags, loose sweaters, and thick-rimmed glasses roam the streets wearing pairs of Toms, simple flats or boots.

“Boise has come so exceptionally far in creating a strong presence of art and fashion in the past five years; I get motivated just thinking about the advances in the Boise fashion industry that will happen in the upcoming five,” Skyler Yeast said.

Yeast was among the models at Boise’s first fashion week, otherwise known as BFW, and has since expanded his career in acting as well as shooting commercials in Los Angeles.  Ironically, Yeast said Boise is the city to thank for sparking his interest in fashion.

Boise’s downfall is its limitations with shopping, but Macy’s, Target, Urban Outfitters, Levis, H & M, and other larger chains have definitely buzzed up an enormous influence on Boise natives. It’s hard to go one block without seeing someone wearing Northface around this town. On an upside, the material restraint on the treasure valley enables its members to bring their own individual style to the streets. Creative mixes of color, texture, and pattern, and unique accessories contrast with bigger cities only recognized for their “off-the-rack” expression created by masses of boutiques and stores.

If Boise doesn’t have what they need, many people have begun shopping online to find more trendy items that can’t be found in stores here. In the U.S., Forrester Research shows that $248.7 billion online sales are expected by 2014. And what can’t be bought, Boise dwellers actually make themselves-etsy style. The Indie Made Shop  is on 6th street and is run by local artisans who sell their handmade goods. Together the artisans share responsibility for the care, maintenance and success of the boutique.

In the past five years the city has expanded with fresh faces eager to begin projects in fields of photography, event work, and modeling.  Fashion shows have been built from the ground up, with the first BFW being in 2012. Boise photographers passionate about style and fashion have partnered with models to create and build portfolios that help one another build client base. It’s an amazing thing to see people of passions use their special talents to practice and grow. These are the stylish people seen standing out on downtown street corners.

A perfect example of a successful arts trade would be Cassie Hayes and Erika Bates, photographer meets model. Bates is a well-known fashion photographer that has had great success out of Boise with dozens of images on Vogue. Bates discovered Hayes when she joined model mayhem and wanted her to model her clothing line.

“After that we shot weekly and she started doing her own photography, and from there I kept meeting more and more passionate people including makeup artists and photographers and setting up shoots over the summer of 2012. With more experience came more work,” Hayes said.

Fashion moves in cycles based on the collective social mood of the population. Style is an individually distinctive way of putting ourselves together. The Boise style scene is fresh, new, and still has the ability to shape and define itself.  Boise has its fashion scene with that outdoorsy, northwestern air many Idahoans know and appreciate.  Little it may be, Boise now has its own urban-country style to claim.


By Isla Brazzil
Fashion & Style Contributor




A Little Bit About the Author, Isla Brazzil



Isla Brazzil, Photo Shoot, March 2013 by Tony Anderson


Isla Brazzil is an enthusiastic 21-year-old passionate about fashion, non-profit fundraising, event work, and news. Brazzil is a dual citizen, being born in the U.K, with residency in United States as well as the European Union. She has traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Scotland, England, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Greek Isles, Italy, France, Mexico, and the Caribbean and plans to continue her travels as part of a career. She will graduate in December with a bachelor’s in Journalism and emphasis in creative writing. Although writing is a passion, Brazzil also specializes in public relations with experience in event planning, social media marketing, campaign work, and design and has completed six internships during her time at university.

For one of her internships, Brazzil successfully participated in extensive grassroots research with Sony & Arctica Films and is passionate about making the world a better place. Other internships have included style and culture journalism, social media marketing, branding, and working for six radio stations as a remote technician while exploring different fields in the media world.


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