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Today, fashion has become more than just a style statement; fashion is now expressed through words, feeling and movement. There is a constant cycle of trends which makes it almost impossible to keep up with the latest fashions. As I find my way through designing, I find myself being inspired by my imagination. I envision music, colors and even model’s as they walk down the runway. There’s a feeling that I want expressed through the designed pieces throughout a show.   Working aside my colleagues, I’ve come to realize that designing is a dream within an idea that comes to life.

You express the way you feel through the clothing that you wear. There are no rules in fashion, which makes it the most effective way to say something without it being said. Fashion shows are stories and dreams on a runway. The point is to stimulate your fashion senses, so enjoy it with an open mind.

The most interesting part about fashion is that it is interpreted differently by everyone. When I watch a show from New York Fashion week, I see how ideas are trickled down to local designers. Colors, fabrics and prints are in the same seasons but presented differently. Being a Boise local, I have never been more impressed by the growth in the fashion industry. Having a fashion show will give local designers a chance to bring something new and exciting to the table. Boise is such a beautiful and unique place, full of inspiration I cannot wait to see what the designers come up with this year.

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