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Well it is nearing Boise Fashion Week and Pith couldn’t be more excited to be teaming up with Fusion Magazine as their branding agency. Here at Pith, passion is paramount in all that we do. We find that without passion and motivation behind everything we do, it just doesn’t seem to resonate with anyone here in the office or out there in the real world. We try to infuse all of our work with feeling, passion and beauty. All it took was a twitter post to get my mind reeling this morning… and I began to think about truly passionate people and how their work reflects the passion they work with, but also the beauty and intensity that is inside of their mind. Keeping up with the them and drive toward Boise Fashion Week, photographer Annie Leibovitz is the first that comes to mind.

Annie Leibovitz is not a fashion designer, or a model, but rather a world renowned photographer not only capturing the true beauty and art behind fashion and those that wear it, but also the beauty of her subjects internally and emotionally, even if they are not the typical perfect figured and perfect complexion size 0 walking down the runway. Her photography captures a story and the essence of her subjects. Her work is truly captivating and inspiring. One of my personal mottos is that a brand must be directly humanly relatable, and I have a feeling that Annie would be in agreement. All of her work exudes raw human emotion and evokes the senses. You can truly see and feel the emotion and intensity within each of her photographs. I couldn’t think of a more amazing person to take my picture. It would be great to just pick her brain for a while on her process. WOW WHAT AN AMAZING ARTIST!!

Ms. Leibovitz has a very unique background and career history as well as her share of surprising troubles. In spite of a photography archive worth over $50 million, Leibovitz was faced with some pretty serious financial troubles over the last few years but has never lost her passion or drive. Her work can be seen donned on the covers of Time, Vogue,Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone Magazines, as well as countless other showcases and journals, and now here, proudly on Pith’s blog section!


I have posted some examples of her work here.
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