Boise: Growing & Changing

As we all know, the landscape of Boise has been changing over the last few years, and quite rapidly. We have seen the addition of several new buildings, said goodbye to several well known business in the area, and have welcomed many new ones.

We are eagerly awaiting the remodel of the Owyhee Plaza and conversion into boutique apartments with retail space underneath. Trader Joe’s will be making its way into Downtown Boise on the corner of South Capitol and West Front Street and the coming year or so and we are very much looking forward to that! Sadly, we watched as Angels closed down, but we are happy to hear through our sources that they will be reopening under the same name and new ownership. Also, we have seen the infamous Downtown Boise “Hole” be filled in and set with the framework for what is to be the new Zion’s Bank building with retail space below and a rooftop penthouse. We are also keeping our eye on the sale of the old Davies Reed building on Idaho and 6th. We went through a showing of the building yesterday and although the building as well as the back carriage house need some extensive remodeling, the building is so cool!

One of the biggest new undertaking is the JUMP center that is going in, or Jack’s Urban Meeting Place. Donated by Jr. Simplot, this building will be an interactive creative center and a community gathering place for all. The projected plans look beyond cool and we can’t wait for the project to be complete!

The revitalization of the Metro Downtown Boise area is awesome to see, and reminds us of why and how much we love living in the treasure valley. The culture here is so unique and we thrive off of it! It will be great to see all of the finished projects in the next few years!

Trader Joe's Rendering, 2013

Trader Joe’s Rendering, 2013

JUMP Center Renderings, 2013

JUMP Center Renderings, 2013

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