Key Elements to a “Successful” Online Presence

 Successful online presence is pretty subjective…right? What does that actually mean? Well, it only matters what it means to you, the business owner! It’s been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. The same is true with the success of your online efforts. If you’re happy with how your overall brand is performing, then who’s to say you’re wrong? Nobody…that’s who! But, if you’re not happy and believe that things can be better, here are three simple things to keep in mind when grading your performance to date.

Is Your Brand “Everything It Should Be”?

Branding is a big word with many potential meanings. For our purposes, we’re talking about your professional reputation. What do others think of your company? Here’s one of our recent blog posts that digs deeper into this topic. Your brand is something that you must purposefully establish and maintain. If it happens by accident, there’s a good chance it may not be the brand you want. Think about companies you’ve done business with lately. If XYZ Company has a great digital presence, but was known for “shady” practices, no amount of work will completely overcome this situation. We all know someone in our local market that we wouldn’t work with for any amount of money. A professional branding company can help with story development and market strategy to make sure your brand is what you want it to be!

Is Your Website Optimized to Convert?

Websites can be beautiful and still be essentially worthless to your business. Even if it’s optimized for search engine traffic, if it’s not designed to convert visitors to customers, it’s not doing a lot of good in the end. It’s nice have a good looking website…it’s nicer to have a good looking website that generates revenue! This process is called conversion.Every website should have a goal of converting, or having someone do something. If you’re in the home improvement industry, perhaps you want visitors to request a free in-home consultation! If you’re a restaurant, how about an online reservation system? That will help fill those tables! You have to be creative when considering your website’s purpose. Work closely with your website development team to make sure there is a conversion strategy.

Are You Executing Your Strategy?

This last section is based on one very important assumption…that you have a strategy! While it seems crazy, some people still just “do a little of this and a little of that” and hope that it all works out! That’s a scary way of doing business for a few reasons. First, how do you know if you’re having success? Here’s an analogy for all of you golfers…have you had a great practice session on the driving range only to have an absolutely horrible round of golf following that session? Did you hit every golf ball on the range with a specific target? Or did you just “swing away” and think to yourself “I really hit that one a long way!”? How do you know if you hit the ball well or not if you don’t aim at something with every practice swing? You don’t. It’s the same with business. If you’re making decisions without a specific target or goal in mind, you don’t know if you’re being successful and your market strategy will certainly suffer.

Find a local company that can help you maximize all three of these elements and you’ll be well on your way to growing your business!

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