Pay Per Click, Are you Doing it Right?

POSTED: Oct 31, 2016

We are often asked for the quickest way to see results when using the Internet to gain market share. In our opinion, one of the best and most sure-fire ways to see “quick” results is to use a pay-per-click strategy. You’ll notice that quick is in quotes…it’s because nothing…

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3 Tools in Google Analytics to Help Your Business Grow

POSTED: Sep 2, 2016

An advantage that online marketing has over more traditional means of advertising is the ability to track changes in your strategy in real-time or near real-time. Understanding Google Analytics and the data it provides can help you make better decisions. We’re only going to talk about a few tools…

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Why SEO is Still Relevant

POSTED: Jul 14, 2016

Establishing an online brand is not easy! If you fail to maintain your established position, or fail to move up in the rankings, that brand becomes even more difficult to protect. Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, takes a great website (visually appealing, contemporary in design, focused on conversion, etc.)…

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