Web Design for the 21st Century

POSTED: Apr 3, 2017

Website design is an ever-changing concept. What’s in today is out tomorrow. What’s hot tomorrow may have been hot a few years ago. Who knows? The challenge is staying relevant in your visitor’s eyes. Their experience could make or break your bottom line. How do you stay on the…

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Your Brand is Tarnished! Now What?

POSTED: Feb 2, 2017

You’ve been in business for a while. Things have gone well. Suddenly you realize that your brand isn’t what you thought it was. As a matter of fact, it’s terrible and you didn’t even realize it. What do you do to repair your brand? Is there such a thing…

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Your Brand Matters

POSTED: Nov 23, 2016

The title seems obvious, but the truth of the matter is that not everyone in business realizes this. You may have read our earlier blog about defining your brand, but does that mean that you actually realize how important it is? Think about your own tendencies. Whom do you…

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4 Elements of Brand Building

POSTED: Oct 11, 2016

You’ve probably heard the word “brand” used many times over the years. Have you stopped to think about what goes into building a brand? In an earlier blog post, we asked the questions, “What is my brand?” and “how do I know if it’s good?” without really defining what…

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