Sean McDonald

 Founder / Creative Director

Pith’s owner, Sean McDonald, our fearless leader and the Creative Director is a man of many hats, size 7 3/4 to be exact. Sean brings over 23 years of agency and business experience as a Graphic Designer, Creative Director, COO and CEO to the table. His experience was honed working in a number of agencies, tech firms and magazines. Having creative direction over projects for companies like Purina, Smith Optics, Conservation International, Laird Technologies and PEAK Learning, he is not afraid to tackle any size or complexity of project. Makes sense when you hear him utter his favorite quote; “What doesn’t kill you…had better start running! “ When he isn’t in a meeting or cruising around the city in his Mini Cooper named Nigel, Sean is hard at work at his workstation as master of the Pith Loft, ensuring that the greatest of details are given to each of the projects that find their way across his numerous computer screens. Its not out of the ordinary to hear Mumford & Sons, Cake or The Pogues playing from the speakers at his desk. Also surely to be found within arms reach is a coffee cup, or two, containing quadruple shots espresso and Italian Sweet Cream. Hey, we all have our vices, and coffee is one that he won’t be giving up! When all the work is done and its time for a break, Sean can be found spending time with his wife and kids, fly fishing, at the local humidor, out cycling, or enjoying the beautiful city of trees.