Lizzy Scully

Digital Marketing Consultant

Our newest consultant, Lizzy Scully, M.S., has spent 16 years working in communications and digital marketing in the outdoor industry. From running her own women’s climbing ‘zine and being a Senior Contributing Editor for Rock & Ice Mag in the 2000s to developing Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s marketing department in the mid 2010s, she’s gleaned a wealth of experience in public relations, content creation and strategizing, developing, implementing and analyzing both traditional and “new” media communications plans. Still, Lizzy maintains her deep dirtbag roots, camping out of her van or a tent for extended periods of time in order to climb the world’s most beautiful granite walls. She’s put up first ascents in Greenland and Canada, and continues to climb often, along with play the mandolin (badly), garden, meditate, do yoga, practice Buddhism and hang out at her 600-square-foot abode in Lyons, Colo.