Amit Thakkar


I started visualizing in the 3rd dimension while I was finishing my Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering. I combined my knowledge of Math & Science with Art & started as a 3D Artist in 1992 with “Electronic Arts”. Along the journey of over 21 years, I have won several awards (Telly Award 2010 & 2011 being the latest) in the field of 3D Graphics, Animation & Visual Effects. From Medical to Motion Graphics to Architectural to Character to Product to Technical… if you can imagine it… I can animate it! I having travelled across the world has not only given me the pleasure of visiting several places, meeting different people & understanding their cultures but has also enabled me to add different flavors of creativity to my work. Absolutely love this quote by Albert Einstein – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”