4 Elements of Brand Building

You’ve probably heard the word “brand” used many times over the years. Have you stopped to think about what goes into building a brand? In an earlier blog post, we asked the questions, “What is my brand?” and “how do I know if it’s good?” without really defining what goes into initially building your brand. We’d like to remedy that right now. The following four elements are key to building a successful brand from the ground up! If this raises more questions than it answers, please drop us a line at info@pithworks.com and we’ll set up a time to meet in person! So, here we go…

Develop a Strategy & Implement It

Everything starts with strategy development. Business and management expert Henry Mintzberg said, “Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point.” Before one can plan, one must have a goal, and that is the essence of strategy development. A great branding agency will help you define your strategy and more importantly, help you implement it. This process will lay the groundwork for all the work follows. This step cannot be skipped nor pushed further down the process.

Name & Logo

What’s in a name? A famous phrase from a very famous play! One can argue that a name does not matter. Unless of course you’re trying to build a successful brand! Then it can mean everything! Same goes with your logo. Have you thought much about what your logo means? How it’s perceived? Do you even have a logo? These are important questions that must be addressed as you continue the brand building process. A 2014 article on financesonline.com pointed out that logos are important because they “serve specific business applications” and are designed so that “you remember them in your sleep”.  Don’t skip this step either…be sure to put significant thought and effort into your logo development.

Visual Identity

The most important word we’ll use here is consistency. This is important across all your marketing efforts. We want to make sure your visual identity doesn’t confuse your customer, but enhances their overall experience while helping you attract more business. Think of the “big companies” and their visual identities. You rarely confuse them for one of their competitors. That’s because they stay consistent with their visual identity. The University of Wisconsin defines visual identity as, ”a way to represent the brand through critical components: names, logos, typefaces, and colors.” This is a simple definition, but it’s a place to start for sure!

Your Story

What does your brand represent? What does it mean to your potential customers? Have you thought about your story? Neil Patel & Ritika Puri wrote that, “your company is solving problems, alleviating pain points, and providing delightful customer experiences. Revenue is something that happens as a byproduct of a sound business model and a positive customer experience.” Essentially, you’re dealing with people every day. People just like yourself that have issues and problems to solve. Your brand development should tell the story of how you’ll help them solve those problems. Again, it’s OK if this sounds overwhelming. Contact a local branding agency and they’ll help you work through this and any other issues you have…that’s part of their story and purpose!

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