3 Tools in Google Analytics to Help Your Business Grow

An advantage that online marketing has over more traditional means of advertising is the ability to track changes in your strategy in real-time or near real-time. Understanding Google Analytics and the data it provides can help you make better decisions. We’re only going to talk about a few tools and how they may help your business. There are volumes of help available on everything offered as part of Google Analytics. A simple search will give you years’ worth of reading material! So, we’ll keep it focused here! Here we go…

First, the Acquisition Overview

Quick and easy way to find out how people are finding your site. On the left side of the screen, scroll down to “Acquisition” and click on the overview. Great tool to get a lot of information in a hurry. Are people being referred to your site by another site? How’s your social media strategy working…are you getting traffic from that source? Are you being found through search traffic? If you’ve hired an SEO company to do this for you, you’ll definitely want to watch that number. You can also edit the channels to add just about anything you want. Set it up to make it work for you!

Second, Landing Pages

This page may be an eye opener for you! Where do you think your traffic initially finds you? It may not be your homepage. It may be a page that you don’t have optimized for conversions. Why is that important? Because conversion should be the ultimate goal just about all websites. Check out this article on why it’s important to think about converting visitors. Back to the point…landing pages. You must know where visitors are entering your site. If you don’t know, then you’re likely not as successful as you could be. Find this under Behavior, then click on site content, and finally landing pages.

Third, Location Report

This one is pretty cool because you can find out which country or even which city is a hotspot for activity concerning your site. If you’re a local company that doesn’t really deal with people outside of your immediate area, drilling down to your town may give you a much more accurate idea of your online success. How many new users did you have during the period in your town? That’s a great number to track. How are they converting? That’s a number we want to know!! Of course, this is all IP based, but address based, so take it with a grain of salt. But it’s still good info to have. Search Engine Land has a great article that goes deeper into this issue. With any kind of statistics, seeing a trend is just as telling as seeing raw numbers. Are you getting more conversions in your local area?

These are obviously just a few of the tools available to you. Get into your analytics and see how you can best exploit the information for your business. It’s there…why not use it?

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